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Reading Rainbow Party Idea This party is for people who love to read and who may be a bit indecisive.  This party shouldn’t cost too must to throw because the books you’re bringing to the party should be all ready read books.
  • Invite: All your friends who love to read
  • Have them bring great books they don’t mind loaning out
  • Have them dress in bright colors of the rainbow
  • When a book arrives give it a color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, (indigo), violet
  • Have the owner put his or her name on the library card or index card (if you don’t use a library kit)
  • Wrap the book in paper or hide the book in bin marked with the color
  • Have the guest pick a cupcake (different frosting colors) or piece of paper from a hat.  That color will be the books they can borrow from
  • Have each guest put his or her name on a check out card and give it to the owner of the book

There are so many variations that you can do (for example: colors could be based on genre and people can pick which genre they want to read)…do what’s right for you and your friends.

You can repeat this party over to check out new books for free. 🙂


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